ELKOND - About us

ELKOND is the largest wholesaler of electrical supplies in north-eastern Poland.

It has been operating on the market since 1991. The company’s head office is in the beautiful city of Białystok, which, being the largest city in the ‘Green Lungs’ of Poland close to the eastern border of Poland, attracts both tourists and traders. Other branches are at Towarowa 1 in Białystok.

Our company’s recurring sales portfolio features more than 20000 items, which include:

cables and wiring from manufacturers such as - Nkt Cables, Technokabel, Telefonika, Helukabel, Bitner;

modular equipment - Eti Polam, Legrand, Phoenix Contact, Schneider Electric, Hager;

light sources - Philips, Osram, GE Lighting,

light fixtures and lamp posts - Philips, Plexiform, Aga Light, Es-system, Brilux, SBP, Lena Lighting, Thorn Lighting, Rosa, Valmont;

high tension fittings  - Apator, PCE, Spamel, Polam Nakło;

wiring fittings - ABB, Berker, Schneider, Kontakt, Kos - Elektrosystem, Ospel, Merten, Hager Polo;

enclosures, boxes, and cabinets  - Rittal, Zpas, Fibox

other fittings - Ensto, Arot, Radpol, Obo Bettermann, Sabaj, Wago Elwag, Zamel;

batteries, torches and test tools and equipment.


Most of our customers are major installers in the north-eastern region, construction contractors, smaller wholesalers, retail stores and industrial operations. We also work with a number of designers and architects as well as companies from Eastern European countries.

Complementing our wholesale and retail operation, we hold Open Days together with our suppliers.

We provide specialist training, develop projects and quotes, and provide expert assistance and technical consulting on request.

List of branches

ELKOND Centrala
Handlowa 6C
15-399, Białystok
ELKOND O/Towarowa
Towarowa 1
15-007, Białystok