DORIAN DKL - electrical wholesaler Legionowo, Ciechanów, Łomianki, Mława, Ostrołęka, Płock, Warszawa

 DORIAN DKL is a company with the core business in the electrical engineering sector. In its current organisational form, it has been in operation 1992 and since then it has successively expanded the scale and types of its product range and services, adapting to the needs of its customers. Dorian DKL, operating as an independent private enterprise, has made extremely significant organisational and technical transformations to bolster its competitiveness in the domestic market.

Its core business is wholesale and retail sale of a wide range of electrical goods and develops its operations in one-stop services such as:

  • - lighting audits;
  • - lighting projects;
  • - configuration of automation solutions;
  • - building of switchgear units and service panels;
  • - electrical testing.

In 2000, Dorian DKL became a co-founder and shareholder of the Grupa EL-Plus Sp. z o.o. (or the EL-Plus Group, a limited liability company Today, EL-Plus is formed by 30 companies from all over Poland, whose dynamic growth has made the Group one of the leaders in distribution of electrical products. Being part of the Group helps Dorian DKL to maintain the highest level of service and offer very attractive commercial terms.

The extensive sales chain of the DORIAN DKL wholesaler includes a head office with the central warehouse in Michałowo-Reginowo near Legionowo, Poland and branches in Warsaw, Kaniach k/Pruszków, Płock, Ostrołęka, Ciechanów, Mława, as well as 3 affiliates in Wołomin, Pułtusk, and Ząbki.

Everything Dorian DKL does is trained at full customer satisfaction. Dorian DKL achieves it with a slew of major advantages, including:

  • - a wide range and high quality of products;
  • - attractive pricing;
  • - quick service and good communication;
  • - short delivery times;
  • - an extensive chain of distribution outlets;
  • - purchase order fulfilment monitoring.

To ensure the highest level of service quality on our end, we import a lineup of goods from the best-acclaimed domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our care in this area is certified by many testimonials.

In line with our corporate motto, WE MAKE IT ELECTRIC!

List of branches

DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - centrala Legionowo
Warszawska 10B
05-119, Legionowo Michałów-Reginów
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Ciechanów
Niechodzka 3
06-400, Ciechanów
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Ostrołęka
Targowa 2
07-410, Ostrołęka
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Warszawa-Wawer
Patriotów 87
04-950, Warszawa
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Mława
Rynkowa 16
06-500, Mława
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Płock
Przemysłowa 18
09-400, Płock
DORIAN DKL Sp. z o.o. - oddział Łomianki
Warszawska 380
05-092, Łomianki Kiełpin Poduchowny