About us - MEGA

MEGA Sp. j. Budzik i Wspólnicy began in 1991 and has been growing rapidly ever since, thanks to our regular customers and business partners. Our customers include wholesalers and shops in the electrical industry, companies in the power engineering sector, electrical system contractors as well as private buyers. To each of these customer groups, the MEGA wholesaler offers a full range of high-quality goods on affordable commercial terms. The company is based in Tarnów. The company has branches in Nowy Sącz, Dębica, Gorlice, Jasło, and Krosno. Our aim is to provide professional customer service, to maintain the consistently high quality of our goods and services, and to further expand our business. For further information or business opportunities, please contact us by phone or in person.

MEGA cooperates closely within the EL-Plus Group.

EL-Plus is a Polish group which organises electrotechnical wholesalers into a cluster. The Group is formed by companies that have been thriving for many years and display a strong potential.

By taking advantage of the economies of scale, the Group negotiates better commercial terms with manufacturers, thereby meeting the competition with a warranty of lower prices to end customers. The Group runs joint promotional campaigns where customers can purchase a wide range of products at attractive prices all year round.

Training and business and marketing meetings are held to improve the skills of the management and the salesforce. The wholesaler’s commercial range is thus constantly being expanded. We provide our customers with expert advice and professional service.

List of branches

MEGA Tarnów
Towarowa 11
33-100, Tarnów
MEGA O/Dębica
Rzeszowska 120
39-200, Dębica
MEGA O/Jasło
Kasprowicza 5
38-200, Jasło
MEGA O/Krosno
Krakowska 179
38-400, Krosno
MEGA O/Gorlice
Chopina 25M
38-320, Gorlice
MEGA O/Nowy Sącz-Krakowska
Krakowska 93A
33-300, Nowy Sącz