About us - ELPIE

Elpie sp. z o.o. means friendly electric engineering. We are a company that fuses many years of experience with a modern approach to business. We operate and develop in a sustainable manner – to provide high quality and complete satisfaction to our customers is key for us; yet we do not forget the needs of our employees and the environment in which we operate.

The history of Elpie sp. z o.o. dates back to the 1950s. Since then, hundreds of people at all levels of the business – from fitters to administration to management – have worked with us.

We are aware that new hires guarantee enthusiasm and a fresh perspective, while senior employees apply their knowledge and experience on a daily basis, so there are no problems for us, there are only challenges that we overcome every day.

We are also very flexible, responding to changes in the economy, industry and technology to maintain the highest quality of services and goods on offer.

The basis of Elpie’s position is its two main divisions – Contracting and Wholesale – which are mature enough to function independently, but their complementarity and synergy allows them to operate on a larger scale, providing tangible benefits to both our customers and the company.

In addition, thanks to economies of scale, we can afford to have specialised units to support the work of the Wholesale and Contracting Divisions, which increases our efficiency and strengthens our competitive position.

We care about the comfort and safety of our employees so that they can focus fully on their jobs. We are aware that a close-knit and like-minded team is can perform better, which is why we treat our employees as equals. We know that they are closest to the company’s processes, so we listen carefully to their ideas and insights. This guarantees commitment and working at full capacity with the utmost attention to detail.

We recognise that the various projects we implement out and their outcomes have an impact on the functioning of everyone around us. We strive to make our work as efficient and fast as possible, and with the smallest environmental footprint possible.

We guarantee to carry out the work in accordance with the designs, using first-class materials and equipment at affordable prices to improve the quality of the power engineering infrastructure.

Customer confidence and long-term business relationships are of paramount importance to us, which is why we fulfil our warranty obligations for the entire period agreed in our contracts.

To sum up: we have the experience, we have the capacity, we have the motivation and, most importantly, in Elpie we act with Energy!

List of branches

ELPIE o/Lublin
ul.Inżynierska 3
20-484, Lublin
ELPIE o/Biała Podlaska
Handlowa 1
21-500, Biała Podlaska
ELPIE o/Chełm
Mickiewicza 7A
22-100, Chełm
ELPIE o/Puławy
Włostowicka 5
24-100, Puławy
ELPIE o/Zamość
Hrubieszowska 63
22-400, Zamość