ELE-COMP - electrical wholesaler Rzeszów, Krosno, Sanok

ELE-COMP is an electrical product wholesaler has been non-stop in business on the local and domestic market since 1992. Our company’s core business is the wholesale and retail sale of a comprehensive range of electrical fitting and lighting products. We have a very broad portfolio of products. We work with leading electrical and lighting solution manufacturers.

ELE-COMP’s portfolio includes: cables and wiring, electrical installation fittings, LV equipment, industrial and decorative light sources and fixtures, MV and LV line hardware, tools, terminals, ties, LV and MV switchgear units and enclosures, control and monitoring apparatus, control equipment, bell alarms, voice and video intercoms, lamp posts, transformer station packages and transformer units, photovoltaic industry products, and other assorted installation products.

Our headquarters and the Light Showroom are in Rzeszów, with branch locations in Krosno and Sanok.

You are also welcome to visit our online store: https://sklep.ele-comp.pl/

Our company is a team of experienced specialists who assist with projects, consulting and specifying lights, fittings and other electrical products.

Our electrical wholesale has an open warehouse, which means the storage space is open to walk-in customers. Everyone can go into the warehouse with a sales account and make a selection of goods. We have a wide range of items in stock.

Our wholesale operation provides advice on ordering goods, fast preparation of shipments, convenient ordering goods in person, by phone, or e-mail, and fast and timely outbound shipping directly to the customer or to the project sites.

We also have a range of decorative light fixtures available in the Light Showroom. It is first-class lighting that meets all customer requirements with its diverse styling, quality and price.

List of branches

ul. Podkarpacka 61
35-082, Rzeszów
ul.Krakowska 193
38-400, Krosno
ul. Lipińskiego 73
38-500, Sanok